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About Catamaran Creative

Agood friend of ours in the catamaran business told us about the awful experience he was having with the advertising agency that hosted his website.

Because he only paid them to host his small business website and bring in more clients, they largely ignored him whenever he asked for help.

We saw a need to help catamaran-based business owners like our friend.

We’re dedicated to helping people like him to increase their revenue and grow their business by reaching people who are as passionate about catamarans as we are.

If you need help promoting your business, send us a note.

Catamaran Creative is a creative boutique ad agency specializing in producing efficient, effective creative exclusively for catamaran-focused businesses like charter companies, catamaran sales and brokerages, suppliers, and more.

Our range of services includes: print and digital ad copywriting and art direction; magazine and newspaper articles; web design; graphic design; branding and logo design; social media marketing; and, anything else requiring creative talent.

Joining us is a small, tight-knit group of talented individuals who themselves are small business owners, creative professionals working as independent contractors, freelancers, and other ‘creatives’ aspiring to showcase their skills to local businesses.

Our focus is on meeting the needs of the small business owner/operator, along with marketing managers who need creative assistance. 

Need help promoting your catamaran business?